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  1. Transform your fitness journey with the dynamic duo

    The intertwined tales of strength, powerlifting and the rhythm of the training jump rope.

    Meet Erica, a testament to the transformative power of embracing a dynamic fitness routine. Five years ago, Erica embarked on a weightlifting journey alongside her buddies at a regular gym. Their shared pursuit sculpted them into formidable lifters, deadlifting three plates with ease. Erica's metamorphosis was nothing short of astounding; She bench-pressed 300 lbs and deadlifted a staggering 600 lbs. Her days became a rhythmic symphony of gym sessions, lifting, nourishing …

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  2. Elevate your fitness game with jump rope mastery

    Enhance your boxing abilities and reap the rewards of jump rope training.

    Achieving greatness isn't always a walk in the park, but the journey is unquestionably rewarding when you decide to embrace it. Jump roping – it might not seem like a walk in the park, but the benefits it brings are worth every bit of effort you put in. Just like in life, where the path to success isn't always a smooth one, mastering the art of jump rope is a challenge worth undertaking, and …

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  3. Mastering the ropeshow

    Tips to create an amazing ropejump performance.

    Jump rope training is a versatile form of exercise that offers numerous health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health, coordination, and endurance. In addition to its physical benefits, intensive jump rope training can also be a fun and creative way to showcase your skills and entertain others. By mastering the art of ropeshow, you can take your jump rope training to the next level and create an impressive performance that will leave your audience in awe.

    person jumping rope

    To make …

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  4. Lower body stretching routine

    Proper form and techniques for maximum benefit.

    Are you looking to improve your lower body strength and flexibility? Jumping rope is a great way to do it, but it's important to make sure you're using proper form and technique to avoid injury. Here are some tips for stretching your lower body correctly:

    woman stretching back

    1. Keep your gaze forward and your torso upright, but don’t lean forward. This will help you engage your core and keep your lower body stable.


    2. Gently bend your knees to …

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  5. Strength Training with Free Weights: Tips for Proper Form and Progression

    Develop Your Body's Front and Back with Pull-Ups and Lying Lat Pull-Downs

    Another benefit of using free weights over machines is the resistance offered allows you to focus on your form as opposed to relying on a machine to do all the work. As you progress in this exercise don’t allow yourself to forget the proper form, this will increase strength and muscle gains. Keep in mind that when you first start out resistance will be significantly lower but the more you progress the …

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  6. Improving ball control through jumping rope

    Mastering coordination, balance and footwork for soccer players.

    As a soccer player, one of the most important skills to master is ball control. One way to improve this skill is by incorporating jumping rope into your training routine. Jumping rope improves your coordination, balance and footwork, which are all essential for effective ball control on the field. To begin, step over the ball with one foot while lifting the other off the ground. You don't need to run, but if you choose to, make sure …

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  7. If you want to learn how to dance, you’ll have to dance

    After mastering your skills, you’ll have to put the dancing aside and become an athlete.

    You have to learn how to train your mind to be more adapt and flexible. To dance, you must train your arms as well as your legs, but in some cases, you may also have to consider your waist. All of those things will help you to find the center for your dance. But, you have to dance a little bit to find this in your practice. The key …

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  8. Determining the right workout load for your body

    If you're not sure what your target heart rate is or what percentage of your maximum heart rate is.

    You can use the following methods: Do one-repetition maximum (1RM) curls at a weight that's been shown to be easy for you. The 1RM is the maximum weight you can lift for one repetition without injury. Many gyms now have machines that will offer you a 1RM for free.

    man running on a treadmill

    You can see the 1RM and use it to determine your target heart rate. For example, you …

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  9. The back bend should only go up to about your elbows

    This is also a good way of keeping a tight abdominal core, and keeping your legs and hips tight.

    This is probably the best you can do when you first get into the flow in stretching. It is easy to perform, and you might find yourself doing this all the time. The key is to keep the back straight and don't bend it. This is also good way to balance on your back during a deep stretching practice. A good back bend that goes almost …

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