Improving ball control through jumping rope

Mastering coordination, balance and footwork for soccer players.

As a soccer player, one of the most important skills to master is ball control. One way to improve this skill is by incorporating jumping rope into your training routine. Jumping rope improves your coordination, balance and footwork, which are all essential for effective ball control on the field. To begin, step over the ball with one foot while lifting the other off the ground. You don't need to run, but if you choose to, make sure to keep your feet together and your eyes focused on the ball.

soccer player

Remember, you're a soccer player, not just a runner. If the ball is moving too quickly, it means you're putting in too much effort, so slow down or stop running. As you practice, keep your feet together at all times, with your right foot slightly forward, and both feet on the ball. Now, it's time to take your hands off the ball and use your whole body to push it past a defender.


As soon as you hit the ground, bounce back up and stand back up. Now, run towards the goal and take control of the ball for yourself. Whether you choose to pass it to a teammate for a goal or another player, make sure to use your newfound footwork and coordination to make room for your teammates to score.


But don't forget, as a soccer player, passing to your teammates is just as important as scoring goals. If you find yourself not wanting to pass, it may be a sign that you need to work on your team-playing skills. And, always remember that the coach's job is to help you and the team improve, not just to give the ball to his favorite players.