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  1. Lower body stretching routine

    Proper form and techniques for maximum benefit.

    Are you looking to improve your lower body strength and flexibility? Jumping rope is a great way to do it, but it's important to make sure you're using proper form and technique to avoid injury. Here are some tips for stretching your lower body correctly:

    woman stretching back

    1. Keep your gaze forward and your torso upright, but don’t lean forward. This will help you engage your core and keep your lower body stable.


    2. Gently bend your knees to …

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  2. No matter what trainers tell you, words and ideas can change how to jump rope.

    If you've ever tried to use an exercise to improve strength, you've observed the effects.

    And if you've ever tried to use an exercise to improve flexibility, you've observed the effects of using words to change the way you feel as well. When you hear something, "The word 'push' should jump rope" it's the same as if you had a rope jumping up in front of you, and it had weights attached to the ends and pushed against the side of your body so that …

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