Strength Training with Free Weights: Tips for Proper Form and Progression

Develop Your Body's Front and Back with Pull-Ups and Lying Lat Pull-Downs

Another benefit of using free weights over machines is the resistance offered allows you to focus on your form as opposed to relying on a machine to do all the work. As you progress in this exercise don’t allow yourself to forget the proper form, this will increase strength and muscle gains. Keep in mind that when you first start out resistance will be significantly lower but the more you progress the more you will develop resistance.

man lifting weights

In case you are a newbie at this, make sure to start with lower weights and higher repetitions to gradually increase the weight and the number of repetitions so you are not overloading your muscles. Now I can’t say the same about pull-ups. This is an exercise I recommend doing at home so that you can train at a slower pace and develop the proper form. As to why I’m recommending these two exercises over others is because these two exercise help to strengthen the front and back of your body respectively. They also allow you to develop your shoulders, chest, and back. And if done right, you will get long, lean legs which is a perfect start for your summer workout.


If you’re looking to add more weight to these two exercises for improved strength and muscle gains, try to progress these two exercises: Pull-ups on the chin-up bars Overhand lying lat pull-down By focusing on your grip strength first try to increase the number of repetitions per movement for a time. When increasing repetitions, slowly increase the amount of weight you are using.


This is one exercise that you should focus on using the free weights and your body weight or by getting a chin-up bar. When you are getting your first chin up practice holding your body straight (the only way your form is going to improve is by practicing this first). You should also start your exercise in a slow and controlled fashion. And always do a proper warm-up with your training jump rope.