Sitting for a long time and not doing anything for the body

... can lead to many health problems and eventually to a chronic condition.

In fact it can lead to death by cardiovascular problems. So start exercising daily and avoid such issues. As it has been said, exercise is essential and it is very important that you have the right gym equipment like a training jump rope. But I love yoga as it is simple, effective and gives me great stamina and energy which I don’t get other types of exercise or cardio workouts. I always have my yoga mat with me so that I can do this exercise at home or even in the office while I sit.

woman yoga stretching back
Here's how I do it:
1. LIE BACK The best way to start is with lying down. It is the healthiest mode for your body. In fact, it is the best way to start any workout session. It will help you warm up your muscles and blood flow.
2. HOLD I like to hold the mat with both my hands at the time of doing yoga. As the mat is very thin and light, even holding it with your hands will not be hard on the mat.


3. BEND The next thing that I do when I start the yoga program is to bend my neck downward and pull it slightly. By doing this exercise, I stretch the muscles on my neck and also my backs.
4. BREATHE Last but not least, I take a deep, slow and deep breath before each sitting pose or pose.
5. RELAX After doing this yoga for more than half an hour or hour, I relax for 15 minutes. So do not think that you have to do this yoga with pain as it can be done smoothly and slowly.