Practicing the warrior within: Conquering the cycling world

A journey of determination, passion, and unyielding commitment.

Witness the extraordinary power of resilience as a group of self-proclaimed New Age athletes embark on an audacious mission to conquer the world of competitive cycling. Despite facing the challenges of broken spirits and perceived limitations, these individuals are poised to redefine what is possible. While some may question their fortitude, it is their unwavering determination that sets them apart. With their sights set on dominance, they plunge headfirst into the realm of cycling, ready to prove that age is just a number. Among this diverse group of athletes, a team emerges—a tight-knit unit comprising two exceptional men and two extraordinary women. Their journey has been a relentless pursuit, spanning two years of traversing roads and tackling minor professional races. Their goal is not simply to participate, but to triumph in a way that commands attention. The exhilaration they experience while racing bicycles reaches its pinnacle in the majestic mountains of California, where the sheer joy of the sport is palpable. It is here that their indomitable spirit shines brightest, fueling their unwavering commitment to excellence.

a male cyclist

As one member of this remarkable team, my personal quest is equally extraordinary. Fueled by a burning desire to be recognized as the first and only self-proclaimed competitive rowing enthusiast to qualify for the prestigious B.R.A.T.R.A.S., I navigate the intricate landscape of intense competition. The B.R.A.T.R.A.S. represents an elite eight-member team, skillfully managed by the same individuals who oversee the esteemed B.R.A.T.R.A. Their vision is clear: to transcend the realm of bicycle racing and secure a place of prominence in every media outlet, online platform, and cycling publication worldwide. To accomplish this, we set our sights on two formidable figures: the legendary Lance Armstrong and his formidable rival, Jan Ullrich.


This journey has been marked by a series of trials and revelations, shaping not only our athletic pursuits but also our understanding of ourselves. As I recount the events of the past year, I unveil the intricate web of experiences that have shaped our aspirations. However, I must also acknowledge the potential pitfalls that lie in the pursuit of victory. While the B.R.A.T.R.A.S. stands as the epitome of our aspirations, it is vital to evaluate the true essence of triumph and its alignment with my identity as a self-proclaimed competitive rowing enthusiast. It is within these reflections that the true essence of our journey and the power of our spirit are unveiled.

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