If you've experienced a respiratory infection or asthma

There's a strong case to be made for improving your diet as well.

All of these are great ways to help prevent the recurrence of symptoms, but it's even healthier to eat foods that are high in antioxidants, as well as low in allergens, to help prevent inflammation, and lower the amount of toxins you're consuming. A healthy diet full of vegetables will help you heal faster after being affected by an illness.

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All vegetables contain antioxidants, and can help boost the body's immune system, with studies showing that women who ate more produce-rich diets were more likely to recover from the common cold than women who ate less! There's also a strong correlation between raw-food diet and higher longevity. Of course, a food diary is an effective way to help you eat more healthy, and a good place to start is with a nutrient-rich diet designed by a dietician.


This will give you a good indication on your nutrient level, and help you find the foods you need to meet your weight-loss goals. Get enough rest The most important part of recovery is rest: Get enough sleep so your immune system can rebuild your body, eat more foods that help you relax, and take time to clear your mind and restore balance.

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While we're all meant to be on high productivity most of the time, it's much easier to bounce back when your working conditions are optimal. If you can rest and relax with the right foods, vitamins and other supplements, you're much more likely to feel a boost in your energy. Make sure you're always looking after your body, mind and soul; it's the only way to live life to the full and be able to continue jumping rope with the training jump rope.